The Virtual Pilgrimage

The Virtual Pilgrimage is a virtual platform that allows users to move through a virtual landscape to discover petroglyphic stone markers that each represent the birthplace of one of my ancestors. Everyone is welcome to explore the Virtual Pilgrimage, but only registered users can view the private content that is accessed by clicking on the petroglyphic stones.  This content includes individual pages about each ancestor. The Virtual Pilgrimage was designed provide members of my family (Kinfolk) the experience of wandering an ancestral kandscape and discovering informations to a connection with specific ancestors and was modelled on my own actual experience. 

View a walkthrough preview of the Pilgrimage Landscape

Download the Virtual Pilgrimage

Clicking the image to the left, allows you to download a PC compatible version of the Virtual Pilgrimage file. Once the download is complete, clicking on the Pilgrimage.exe file will lead you through a series of simple prompts to install the Pilgrimage on your computer.

Clicking the image below will allow you to download a Mac compatible version. When the download is complete, you can begin the pilgrimage by opening the zipped folder and clicking on the file named Pilgrimage.exe



Once installed, the Virtual Pilgrimage can be explored as often and for as long as you wish.

Kinfolk can click on Petroglyphs to access the ancestors

As you move through the virtual landscape, you will encounter many stones marked with petroglyphs. Each of the marked stones represents a specific ancestor. Registered users can click on the stones to view information about the ancestor. All ancestor content is private and password protected and can be accessed only by registered users. 

Clicking on an Ancestor's stone opens a browser that displays their webpage.  Each time you click on a new stone, a new tab is opened. This allows you to keep track of the ancestors you have viewed and compare the details and stories of their lives.

Follow the trail or wander as you like

Trails are set in place to lead you from one stone site to another, but you are free to wander through the landscape as you like. To get the deepest sense of exploration and discovery, we recommend that you allow yourself to wander - clamber over mountains, stride through fields or find your way through forests to the sites of the ancestors - but any time you feel lost, the trails are there to guide you to the next ancestor site.

You can also consult the map provided here, to get a sense of where stones sites are placed and individual ancestors can be found.

Or you can double tap the 'M' key while you wander. This will reveal a map that shows your location and the location of the stones scatttered throughout the landscape.

Navigate using the arrow keys

To move forward, backward or side to side, press the arrow keys on your keyboard.

The up arrow moves you forward, the down arrow moves you backwards, the right arrow moves you right and the left arrow moves you left.



The Virtual Pilgrimage Project Team

The Virtual Pilgrimage was created by a mother and son team, Sandra Adams and Max Frankel. Sandra developed the conceptual framework and visual aesthetics while Max provided the technical expertise. The work was created using the free version of the game development tool, Unity.