Sandra Adams

I am an artist and scholar who enjoys wandering through physical and metaphysical terrains - across countrysides, concepts, worldviews and worlds.  

Most of my formal training has been in the visual arts, though my interests have always been multidisciplinary. I am particularly fascinated by sacred/mystical practices and knowledges, especially the ways in which these are - and have been - expressed through the creation of ritual artifacts and monuments, or manifested through practices generally associated with the sacred arts. 

My own work finds expression in many forms, but most frequently finds form through collaborative engagement with sculptural media. I experience my art practice as a form of communion with forces and elements I define as other.

Also key to my work, and particularly to this project is my role as mother to Max Frankel with whom I worked collaboratively to produce the Virtual Pilgrimage found on this website. Though it fits somewhat uncomfortably with scholarly work, the significance of my role as a mother is fundamental to everything that informs my art practice and the research related to this project. Recognising how motherhood positions me between my ancestors and descendants has allowed me a sense of place that is not restricted to binary absolutes - belonging/non-belonging, here/there or before/after - but rather defines a sense of place that is fluid, flexible and constant.

This project has been created as part of the doctoral research I have undertaken under the auspices of Curtin University in Bentley, Western Australia.